Spelarm [2017]

Portfolio Categories: User Experience Design.

Project NameSpelarm
RoleInteraction Designer, Video Producer

The prototype was developed in 2 days, during the Hack_the_House hackathon event organized by Home Connect and Another Tomorrow, October 2017. Participants were challenged in the theme of “Rethinking the House” using IoT and connected appliances developed by Home Connect. In the event, I teamed up with Ela Yudhanira and Steve Darmadi.

Interaction between human and technology can be limited and overwhelming, but it can also be designed to be seamlessly integrated in our daily activities. We focus on the experience of waking up in the morning. With Spelarm, we want to combine different stimuli that can wake you up in the morning into one rich experience: music from Spotify, light from Philips hue, and most importantly, the smell and warmth of freshly brewed coffee from your smart coffee machine.