Normal Humans Need Not Apply [2017]

Portfolio Categories: User Experience Design.

Project NameNormal Humans Need Not Apply – The Future of Biohacking at Work
RoleResearcher, Video Producer
Report: Regular Humans Need Not Apply

The project was researched and produced in the “DM2571 Future of Media” course at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Fall 2017 by Tomás Rothfuchs Albrecht, Martyna Nowik, Lon Hansson, and Adrian Latupeirissa.

In Fall 2017 term, “Future of Media” focused on the theme “Future of Work”. First half of the the course filled with seminars and guest lectures, discussing the present state of “work” and how it would change in the future, ranging from digital transformation, digital labor platform (crowdsourcing), to the universal basic income.

During the second half, our group explored the future of biohacking at work. The following video sums up our findings: a few – and significant – moral and practical questions which might arise in the future.