Droplet [2017]

Portfolio Categories: User Experience Design.

Project NameDroplet: Water Filter Device for Crowdsourcing Water Quality Control
RoleInteraction Designer, Video Producer, 3D Modeller
PaperWater Filter Device for Crowdsourcing Water Quality Control
DocumentManual of Misuse

The project was developed in the “DH2629 Interaction Design as a Reflective Practice” course at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, Spring 2017 by Ela Yudhanira, Edvard Ahlsén, and Adrian Latupeirissa.

Main theme of the course is misuse of an everyday object. Our object of choice is PET water bottle. After examining everyday interaction with the object as well as its affordances, we reimagine the bottle to be used as a water filter device that also functions as crowdsourcing water quality control. We design a special bottle cap that can be attached to any standard PET water bottle, enabling them to be used differently.