KTH Chronogram [2017]

Portfolio Categories: User Experience Design.

Project Name: KTH Chronogram
Year: 2017
Role: UX Designer, Video Producer

Chronogram is the product of a research project in the course Interaction Design Methods at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Designed by Jonathan Adam, Adrian Latupeirissa, Nikolaos Syropoulos and Carl Törnqvist.

KTH Chronogram adds a new page to the kth.se website with the purpose to give you an overview of your agenda, show you what is coming up and help you plan your work ahead.

Your schedule, notifications, assignments and deadlines are listed with the most urgent items up top. By sorting by importance as opposed to chronologically you’ll be made aware of what you should be focusing on right now. Tasks will show up not when they are due, but when you should deal with them.